Spring Gallop 2016


After coffee and a short briefing, a total 31 people (29 members and 2 guests) with 16 cars, left the Ace Café in Pedreguer, and drove towards Gandia . Following minor roads they arrived in Bocairent, there first stop, a converted railway station, where they were served with excellent coffee with fresh home made cake. Most of them arrived safely, but a few got lost or delayed. After the break, making sure the lost sheep were safe and OK. They continued on to Yecla for lunch in an Argentinian Parrilla,”Pachamama” where special parking facility had been arranged, complete with local police surveillance; they then enjoyed a relaxed, substantial and jolly lunch.

After lunch, at about 4 p.m, the drive to Hotel Santa Isabel in Albacete continued, passing through the vast countryside of “La Mancha”, with its windmills and wine areas. Unfortunately after Jumilla the good road that they had enjoyed until then degenerated into a bumpy pot holed one, which resulted in Peter Alt loosing half his gears and having to complete the last 40 kms in 4th gear. Peter called ahead to the hotel where the owner was able to get his mechanic to fix the problem on his arrival.
Meanwhile the rest of the members enjoyed driving the magnificent roads, after the grisly potholed bit, and arrived and checked in at the hotel at around 5.30. On arrival the big surprise was being faced with the hotel owner’s impressive collection of veteran, vintage and classic cars in the underground car park, which made it feel as if we were parking in a museum.