Marina Alta Classic Car Club Internal Rules

MACCC Internal Rules

Version 001/18 ( AL 1)
The internal rules should be read in conjunction with the club Statutes.

If there are any contradictions or doubts, the Statutes take precedence.

Article numbers cross refer with the Statutes for easy reference.

Articles 1 to 5 . There are currently no Internal Rules that cross refer to these Statutes.

Article 6 – Eligibility for Membership
a) Member is defined as the owner of a car within one the following Groups,
whose application has been approved by the Committee and fees paid.

Group A – A car manufactured over 40 years ago
Group B – A car manufactured over 25 years ago
Group C – A car less than 25 years but with a pedigree of Sporting Heritage.
Group D – Replicas and kit cars.

b) A completed application form must be submitted to the Management Committee who will review the application at the next Committee meeting. Prior to that meeting the applicant’s car and its documentation must have been seen and inspected by a member of the Management Committee, who reserve the right to reject an application in exceptional circumstances, or if there is no space available in the club.

c) To maintain balance in the club, the ratio of Group A+B cars to Group C and D cars will be maintained at 3:1.

d) Individual Membership – The individual will be entitled to vote and enjoy full Club benefits. The initial joining fee is 20 euros plus 20 euros annual fee.

e) Joint Membership – 2 individuals over 18 years, who are married or partners, and use the same residence address, as on the application form. They will each be entitled to vote and enjoy full Club benefits. The initial joining fee is 20 euros plus 40 euros annual fee for Joint Membership.

f) Affiliate Member – A person who wishes to join the club purely for “insurance purposes”. The individual will have the right to vote, and will enjoy all other full Club benefits. The initial joining fee is 20 euros plus 20 euros annual fee. If the individual wishes to upgrade to full membership status ,they may do so at the annual renewal, or during the year by paying an additional fee of 20 euro.

g) Associate Membership – A person, who is sympathetic to the objectives of the club and who wishes to partake in some of the club activities with a view to becoming a full member in the near future, but at present does not own a classic car. The individual will not be entitled to vote but will enjoy all other Club benefits. If an Associate Member wishes to participate in a Club event, the car they travel in must recognised in Group A, B, C or D. The initial joining fee is 20 euros plus 20 euros annual fee.

h) Membership will run from 1 January to 31 December of the same year. If a new member joins in November or December, he/she will receive membership through to the end of the following year.

i) If a membership waiting list is in place, priority is given to Group A, followed by Group B, Group C then Group D.

j) Members and partners have priority over visitors on organized events when numbers may be limited.

k) All applicants must attend at least one official club event prior to their application being forwarded to the Committee for consideration of membership.

l) If subscriptions are not paid by 31 January or by the date of the AGM, which ever comes first, the membership is deemed to have lapsed.

m) A member must have been in the club, with his/her membership application fully approved by the committee, for at least 30 days to be eligible to vote. If there is a requirement for member to vote on any issue in the period from 31st December to 31st January of the next year, their membership fees must be paid in full for their vote to be valid.

n) By paying a subscription, and application for membership being approved, each member accepts the rules of the Club.

Articles 7- Rights of Members

a) Members may take part in those aspects of events that they wish to and there is no rule requiring them to attend all aspects. As an example, members may attend a rally but do not have to attend the post rally meal or may attend the meal but not take part in the rally.

b) Members with special dietary needs should inform the organizer of the event, to find out if their needs can be provided by the restaurant, cafe or bar catering for the event.

c) Members have the right to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting but must have paid their membership fees up to date, prior to the start of the meeting.

Article 8 – Obligations of the Members

Members should comply with the dress code specified by individual event organisers. The dress code may however be modified by the event organisers in circumstances where it is felt to be appropriate, for example in extremely hot weather.

Article 9 – There are currently no Internal Rules that cross refer to these Statutes.

Article 10 – Dismissal from The Association

Any member of The Association, considered by The President and Committee to have committed a serious breach of the Club Statutes and/or Internal Rules may, after investigation, be subject to exclusion from The Association or any such lesser sanction as is deemed appropriate.

Breaches of the Statutes and Internal Rules may include, but are not limited to:

a) Verbal or physical abuse of any member, speaker or non member at Association meetings or events.

b) Misappropriation of the funds of the Association.

c) Slandering the Association or its officers to the larger community.

d) Bringing the Association into disrepute.

e) In the event of the imposition of a sanction for dismissal from the Association, by the Management Committee, the following procedure applies,

1. A disciplinary case file must be opened, and be dealt with, and resolved, by a different committee, who will guarantee the rights of member. Members also have the right to be informed of the accusations against them in writing, and to defend against those allegations. The file must also be notified to the next General Assembly meeting and any sanctions imposed must be confirmed by membership vote at that meeting.

2. Failure to confirm any sanctions will result an appeal process, starting with a case review by a new independently selected committee. The results of such a review must them be submitted to the next General Assembly meeting. Throughout this process no sanction may be imposed on the member until the final confirmation of the accusations and subsequent imposition of sanctions is confirmed. When confirmed, this final decision will be considered justified and the appropriate sanction then applied. The expiry time for any such sanction will be up to 2 years.

3.If the situation arises that the Management Committee wishes to sanction a member of its own committee, they must also adhere to the above procedure.

4.All actions in this procedure must be expedited to avoid unnecessary stress and to come to a speedy conclusion.

Articles 11 – There are currently no Internal Rules that cross refer to these Statutes.

Article 12 – Meetings of the General Assembly

a) Each member will receive a copy of the previous year’s AGM Minutes attached to the notice of the forthcoming AGM. Minutes of previous years AGM will be available on the club web site.

b) Any member wishing to stand for a vacancy notified by the Committee must inform the Secretary, in writing, at least 30 days before the AGM. An email is acceptable for this notification.

c) Voting will be by secret ballot for each position of Committee member or Officer. The secret ballot procedure requires that members will sign into the AGM on arrival, when their membership status, including payment of all fees up to date, will be confirmed. When the vote is then called, each member will return to the Secretaries desk and will sign again to receive their voting form. This form will not show any personal identification but merely the date of the AGM and the voting options. Members will then make their voting choice as shown on the voting form and deposit the form in the box provided. Members will normally then be asked to leave the meeting room for a limited period until voting is completed and the results ascertained.

d) Postal and email votes are only permitted at the AGM for the election of Officers and Committee Members. The vote must be registered with the Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM.

e) The Secretary will compile and distribute the AGM agenda a minimum of 21 days prior to the date of the AGM.

f) Items for inclusion under “Any Other Business” at the AGM must be presented to the Secretary 30 days before said meeting, in writing, an email being acceptable.

Article 14 – Competencies and Validity of the Agreements

There will be a provision for internet voting, postal voting and proxy votes before the AGM when dealing with the election of members of the Management Committee, when there are 2 or more candidates, and in any agreements relating to the registration or modification of the Statutes.

Article 15 – Composition of the Management Committee

a) To stand as a candidate for the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary a member must have served on the Committee for at least 1 year.

b) There will be a minimum of 4 Committee members.

c) One seat on the Committee will be reserved for a German speaking member.

d) Committee positions may be voted, as a group, by a secret ballot. There will be no limits to applications, but they must have been a member for more than 12 months to be eligible.

e) Members can be co-opted to the Committee for a special task, but will not have a vote.

f) There will be a minimum of 6 Committee meetings a year.

g) Should there be no suitable candidates proposed and confirmed for the following positions, the Association may be dissolved:
• 1. President
• 2. Vice President
• 3. Secretary
• 4. Treasurer

h) The position of President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer must be held by different people and may not be husband and wife or member and partner. The wife or partner of a Management Committee member may not be on the committee at the same time as their partner.

i) Members of the Management Committee will not be remunerated.

Article 16 – There are currently no Internal Rules that cross refer to this Statutes

Article 17 – Responsibilities of the Management Committee

a) The President and Committee, may at their own discretion, and without the prior approval of the Members of the Association, appoint Honorary Members of the Association. Such Honorary Members may include, but are not limited to:

1. Past Presidents of the Association.
2. Past Vice Presidents of the Association.
3. Any member of the Association who is deemed to have provided outstanding service and commitment to The Association.

b) Any such appointments will be ratified at the next AGM or EGM.

c) All Honorary Members of the Association shall be exempt from the annual membership fee of the Association, and their membership shall be valid for their lifetime.

d) The following trophies have been withdrawn from use due to their deteriorating condition: Annual Rally Trophy, Ron Butti Memorial Cup, Andrew Shepherd Trophy, Concours Trophy. They will remain the property of the Association and will be held by the President, for possible renovation in the future.

1. The President’s Cup will now be awarded annually to the overall Concours winner of Groups A and Group B cars. This trophy will be held for one year, by the member to whom it has been awarded, and will be returned to the Treasurer/President at the end of that period. If the member to whom it has been awarded leaves the Association or is excluded at any time, the trophy must be returned to the Treasurer/President immediately.

2. In place of the old trophies new glass engraved trophies will be presented to the winners of: Concours Group A, Group B,Group C and Group D.

3. Glass trophies will remain the property of the winners in perpetuity.

e) If any member has a complaint, that they consider warrants investigation by the Committee, the following procedure is to be followed:

1. A formal complaint form, available from the Secretary, is to be completed, signed and submitted to the President.

2. The President and Vice President will then review the complaint and either:

i) Reject it if they consider it to be invalid or inappropriate.

ii) Refer the complaint to the next Committee meeting for full investigation.

3. On completion of the investigation, the President will reply in writing to the complainant, stating the outcome of the investigation and the remedial action to be taken.

4. All formal complaints will be logged and maintained by the Secretary for future reference.

Article 18 – Meetings of the Management Committee

The decisions of the Management Committee will be recorded in the minutes, that will be circulated to all committee members within 14 days of the date of the meeting. Any modifications to the content must be agreed by all members prior to the next meeting. The revised minutes will then be submitted for approval at the next committee meeting.

Article 19 – The President

Where, in the opinion of the President, urgent action is required in respect of a matter that would normally have been decided by the Management Committee, the President may take such action as is necessary, following consultation with the Vice President and the Treasurer, prior to calling an extraordinary meeting of the Management Committee to address the issue.

Articles 20 and 21 – There are currently no Internal Rules that cross refer to these Statutes

Article 22 – Initiation and Financial Resources

a) Any club member who organises an event is required to produce a separate account sheet showing clearly all receipts and expenditure associated with that event. Receipts and invoices for all transactions are to be provided with the account, and the term “miscellaneous expenditure” is not to be used unless justified by receipts or invoices. The completed account must be submitted to the Treasurer within 14 days of completion of the event.

b) As a guide line, tips should be in the range of 5% to 10% and should be justified by a handwritten receipt signed at the time, by the recipient of the tip.

c) Gifts such as free rooms, wine or other items should not be accepted. If offered the organiser should try to negotiate a better deal for all those attending the event.

d) If, as a result of a change of plans or any other reason, the cost of the event is reduced, the difference should be refunded equally to all those who had paid to attend the event, (unless it had been previously agreed that any profit would be donated to charity). Receipts should be shown in the account for these refunds.

e) If the action specified in d) above is not possible, any remaining funds should be reflected in the account, and returned to the Treasurer to support future club activities.

f) The President may authorize expenditure of up to 100 euro without seeking approval from the Management Committee. Receipts are to be provided for any such expenditure.

g) Any expenditure on the Club credit card is to be within the authorized limits and rules of the card. Payments in cash are to be restricted to the maximum permitted under Spanish law and are to be fully supported by receipts. The current maximum amount permitted to be paid in cash is 1000 euro.

Articles 23 to 28 – There are currently no Internal Rules that cross refer to these Statutes

Article 29 – Charities – The club will support a chosen charity throughout the year. The chosen charity for 2018 is Marina Alta Breast Cancer Society (MABS) . This will be ratified at the next AGM in January 2019.

Article 30 – Face Book Policy (AL4)- Individual members may advertise cars and car parts for sale on the MACCC Face book. Adverts from companies are not permitted.

Article 31 – Car Valuation Guidelines – Author John Le Sueur – Valuations for Insurance purposes are carried out by John Le Sueur on behalf of the club. Such a Valuation costs E70 for members. Generally classic car Insurance polices require membership of a classic car club and proof thereof. We are recognised by the Federation of Spanish Historic vehicle clubs, so take this subject very seriously.

Valuations can take some time, as usually research is required, so please do not leave a valuation until the last minute as sometimes we may not be able to respond to your Insurance needs in time. Some cars are very difficult to value and will take even longer.

Valuations can be done at any time and are usually good for one or two years as the market in most cases does not respond on a monthly basis and sometimes even an annual rise is not easy to reflect. However, some cars are moving fast in terms of their values, and these cars need to be revalued every year. We will try and advise you on this subject.

The procedure is simple, I need to see your car, and take 5 photos of it including one of the odometer reading. Contact me and we will arrange for me to view it. I prefer not to travel too far as that is a cost to the club if I do. The car needs to be viewable out in the open, not a confined space. It also needs to run, or it will be valued as a non runner.

I cannot provide a valuation just from photos. Valuing a car means that I must see it and inspect it.

Of course, I would like to know what you think it might be worth, this is not a guessing game, but at the same time, in order to protect myself and the club I cannot value the vehicle at an unrealistic value. All valuations are backed up by copies of adverts gleaned from the Internet. My judgement as to the relationship with the adverts your car has is final. There is no argument, as I might have to be in court one day to defend the valuation.

All valuations come out in hard copy as email links disappear once the advert is withdrawn from sale. Thus, they are printed out.

It is usual to collect the valuations from me and pay the fee at the same time which I will issue a receipt for on behalf of the Club. All valuation fees are contributed to the club in their entirety.

All valuations are signed off by myself and The President of the club, Peter Alt. They are stamped with the club stamp and a historic certificate can be provided.

We aim to give you the best most professional valuation we can, that will stand up to any scrutiny.


It is the responsibility of each individual club member to ensure that their vehicle(s) comply fully with EU and Spanish laws relating to vehicle documentation, registration, road worthiness and/or equipment required to be carried when being driven on the roads of Spain. The Club cannot be held responsible for, nor condone, the unlawful use of a vehicle by any of its members whilst participating in club activities. Members and Guests attending all Club events do so at their own risk.

The Committee has the right to demand sight of vehicle documents at any time, provided that there are at least TWO Committee members available to inspect the said documents. (AL3 dated 7 Oct 2017)

This document super cedes Version 001/17(AL5) and was accepted and adopted by the Management Committee at the meeting that took place on 28th April 2018. AL1 to this document was approved unanimously at the same meeting.

Version 001/18 AL1 dated 28/4/2018

David Moran ( Secretary )


Peter Alt ( President)